Pennant Sides


Highett Bowls Club

Saturday Pennant Competition

Vs Armadale @ the 'Grove', Saturday February 2nd, 2019

The selected sides are :-

Lead  Bill Semple   Paul Whiteside  Roberty Verity  Wayne Sheridan (Duty Rink)
 Third  Ron Kaye

Bob Barclay 

Benjamin Shelley  Irene Booth 
 Second Denis Flynn  Brian Octigan  Peter Middleton  Roland Hill 
 Lead Peter Blakey   Darren Frampton Andrew Sonnreich Stephen Tilbey 


Emergencies :   Marcus Young,  Lynne Seery, Margaret Dobell, Joyce Kaye 


The Mid-Week Pennant Competition will see Highett play Mentone (3) at Mentone on February 5th, 2019 .

Skipper  Bill Semple  Bob Verity
Second Bob Barclay  Irene Booth
Lead Peter Blakey  Lynne Seery
Emergencies - Margaret Dobell,  Christoher Seery, Ron Kaye, Joyce Kaye. 


Please notify the Chairman of Selectors: Wayne Sheridan 9557 3143 or 95554003